Top Things To Do In Australia

Australia is a great place to travel and there is no shortage of things to do. This page is for people who want to explore Australia and need advice where to go and what to do.

Due to the epic size of Australia most of the action is on the coast line. Although it’s a massive country a lot of the people only live on the coast. This is because of the extreme temperatures. In some areas it reaches over 40degrees and can be quite uncomfortable.

Even on the coastline in some areas when the weather is hot swimming in the ocean is quite uncomfortable. The beauty of this hot weather is when it’s winter the hotter northern areas in Australia are quite pleasant.

The sun can also be quite intense in some areas so make sure you bring sunscreen and wear Rottnest island WAa hat.

The good news is the environment is beautiful and clean. Compared to some other countries you will be impressed with the crystal clean oceans and the clean air to breathe.

As you can see in the picture to the right the ocean is very inviting to swim in.

Although the ocean is beautiful you have to be careful of the vast variety of predators.

There are sharks, box jelly fish, crocodile and stingrays which are lurking around. The most common mistake tourists make is not considering these predators and eventually get injured.

So now you know a bit about Australia lets get into the top 10 things to do!

#1 Visit the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is Australia’s a lot of recognizable structure and is an icon of Australia’s innovative and technical achievement. Considering that its completion in 1973 it has actually attracted around the world praise for its design and construction, improved by its location on Bennelong Point within an excellent harbor setting.

The design of the structure, with its soaring white roof shell shaped sails atop a huge red granite platform, has actually been globally well-known as an architectural icon of the 20th century. As a dominant sculptural structure that you can see from all over the Sydney bay. It is the focal point of Sydney Harbor and a reflection of its character.

#2 Watch an AFL game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground

The top place in Australia for test and one day international cricket, house of the AFL Grand Final, and host to numerous other sporting occasions every year, absolutely nothing can match the tradition and heritage of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Considered Victoria’s spiritual home of sport, the MCG is Australia’s premier sporting stadium, and the venue can hold 100,024 people.

As the largest stadium in the southern hemisphere, all eyes rely on the ‘G when the AFL Grand Final is staged in late September, during Boxing Day when the traditional cricket Test match begins the atmosphere is electric.

The famous arena has actually hosted cricket games given that 1853, played host to the Olympic Games in 1956, Commonwealth Games in 2006, and has actually seen numerous major occasions throughout Melbourne’s history.

#3 Visit Byron Bay

Byron Bay is among the most lovely seaside areas in the country, with stunning headlands stressing unlimited golden beaches, the natural landscape is the topic of numerous photographs and painting.

But it is the culture that makes Byron Bay amazing, and there are a lot of tourists flocking to the Bay in droves far outnumbering the local population.

Byron Bay’s alternative label has actually popularized it as a mecca for lots of – performing their yearly trip to celebrations, markets, dance celebrations, and events. The multicultural arts, crafts, clothing and food mark it as a location for expression, with unusual and wonderful concoctions and style declarations at every turn. A modern Noah’s Ark, the mixture of individuality provides Byron Bay its cumulative soul – a location where anything goes, where everybody suits.

#4 Head up to Broome

Typically referred to as the pearl of North West Australia, Broome is Western Australia’s coastal gateway to the magnificent wilderness region of the Kimberley. It’s likewise home to the world-famous white sands of Cable Beach, making it one of the State’s most popular vacation destinations.

A vacation in this pearling town is not total without taking among the many Broome tours available. Why not take a camel ride along Cable Beach, learn about the remarkable history of the Broome hard hat divers or check out a pearl farm. See dinosaur footprints on a hovercraft trip, kayak Gantheaume Point or delight in a sunset cruise on a brought back pearling lugger.

There is a big range of Broome lodging. Whether you wish to pitch a tent at one of the caravan and outdoor camping grounds, stick with your family in self contained lodging or delight in the luxury of a resort hotel, Broome has everything.

Broome was crowned the GWN7 Leading Tourist hotspot for 2014 and this pearling town is a must do in the Kimberley.

Cable Beach Sunsets

Rated high in the world’s top beaches, it’s simple to see why Cable television Beach near Broome is among Australia’s preferred vacation resorts. Have a look at the Cable Beach cam or search Broome tours for a camel trek or Pearl lugger cruise.

#5 Learn about investing in Real Estate

It may sound a bit bizarre including a real estate course in the top things to do in Australia. There are several reasons why we added it here. You will be transformed and get a great education which is not something you would usually do on holiday. There are a lot of different property investment seminars in Australia. The best one to see where you can learn about property from different experts is free to attend and travels all over Australia. You can see Stuart Zadel live in all these venues:

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Head along to the free weekend and expand your mind.

#6 Go to Adelaide Botanic Gardens

History and Background

As early as 1837 arrangement was made for a public garden according to Colonel William Light’s plan of Adelaide.

After several efforts to establish such a garden, the current website was laid out and established in the 1850’s. At that time Adelaide was still a dry and dirty location and even some parts of the city were occupied by sheep and livestock’s.

It was then essential to fence off a devoted area for the establishment of the gardens to prevent invasion by the grazing animals.

George William Francis was a prominent superintendent of Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens, who was a botanist and Francis helped form the gardens as they are today.

One intriguing function is the beautiful imposing wrought iron gates fronting onto North Balcony, which depict of all things, pineapples on top of the spikes.

The significance of the pineapple associates with a custom come from by the peoples in the Caribbean, who placed a pineapple by an entryway to a village significance “welcome”.