Dominique Grubisa – Distressed Property and Debt Expert

Dominique is Australia’s leader in finding distressed property. She has developed a system which you can learn for free at her events around Australia.

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Who is Dominique Grubisa?

Dominique graduated from the University of Sydney with a bachelor of laws BA Hons (LLB). She went on to become a barrister who specialized in debt reduction. Throughout her career she helped thousands of Australian’s stabilize their debt and reduce their payments.

Due to her extensive knowledge in debt reduction she has appeared on the following TV stations and magazines teaching people how to reduce and eliminate their debt. Dominique debt reduction strategies Dominique started her property investment journey through traditional methods of acquiring a large property portfolio and hoping for capital gains. This went well for her until the global financial crisis hit. She learned a lot of lessons during this period and started to question ‘the experts’ around her. She needed a better strategy than the traditional buy and hold.

She discovered a unique strategy to contact people in debt who had the banks closing in and helped them by offering a way out. She knew all too well that if the case ended up in court the person in debt had no chance and the bank would take everything. The circumstance of the distressed seller was always a little different so she did a lot of research on how to approach each person and let them know you were there to help them. As she refined this strategy it proved to be very successful.

Dominique went on to buy, sell and hold over $50million worth of property in Australia. She knew what she had created was something special. This led Dominique to join Stuart Zadel and his team at Zadel Property Education. She travels with Stuart all around Australia stopping at the major cities teaching students how to acquire property massively under market value.

She is also an expert in asset protection. Because of her law background she knows how to secure your assets to prevent them being taken if someone sues or tries to take them. She experienced first hand that your assets are not secure and can be taken away from you if you don’t have the right system in place to protect them.

The Birth of Real Estate Rescue

Real Estate Rescue is a system to acquire property through distressed property owners. It’s a simple strategy which allows you to contact the owners of foreclosed or repossessed homes and help them to get out of debt. This strategy creates a win/win situation for the distressed seller and the buyer as you are helping the seller when the banks are closing in. The buyer gets to purchase under market value as it’s usually a quick sale.

At this course Dominique teaches you how to become an expert in purchasing distressed property. You will learn everything from types of distressed situation, resources to find cheap homes, how to deal with banks, how to delay court dates and how to deal with sellers. It is the complete A-Z of buying under market value property in Australia.

You also get access to RP Data which shows all the history of property sales and rent history of properties in Australia After attending the Real Estate Rescue course you will have more than enough resources to go out and find property deals. You will be able to use a variety of different methods to make sure you find some deals quickly which Dominique shows in her training.

Dominique also has a mentor program where she send you a list of potential contacts twice a week to purchase distressed property from. Dominique talks about this strategy in detail at the Ultimate Property Conference.

Deals at The Real Estate Rescue Forum

Once you have attended Dominique’s course you will get access to her forum. All past and present students have access to the forum and a lot of property deals are posted there. Real Estate Rescue Forum As you can see there are property deals from all over Australia. All of these posts are about property deals which are below market value. The real estate rescue community all over Australia are experts at finding these deals and if they have too much on the go they post them in here.

Making money in property with nothing

At the Real Estate Rescue course you will be introduced to a program called Unity Funding. This is an organization set up to provide the funds to purchase and renovate property. If you find the right deal they will pay for the whole deal and you walk away with half the profit. It’s a great way to make money in property investing with zero start up capital.

They are private equity provider which enable them to offer full funding of any deal you find using Dominique’s strategies. You can take a look at the success stories page to see that Jason and Hayley made over $60,000 without investing a cent.

Understanding Distressed Sellers

As the people you will be dealing with are in a distressed state they can be somewhat emotional and don’t fully understand their rights. The great thing about the Real Estate Rescue course is Dominique has dealt with people like this for many years. She knows how they are feeling and approaches each interaction accordingly.

Usually people who are in the process of getting a divorce or have the banks closing in are under a lot of pressure. Dominique teaches you exactly how to approach each situation and exactly what to say to make the distressed seller understand you are there to help. You can find a Dominique Grubisa review or testimonial on YouTube and here is some footage of her talk about her strategy.

Types of Property Deals

There are a lot of different types of property deals Dominique teaches you about at her seminar. You need to understand which deal to arrange with the seller depending on their situation. Below are some of the common deals you will learn about.

Short Sales

What are short sales?

The short sale is where the lender agrees to accept full payment for the mortgage debt in an amount that is less than the homeowner actually owes.

When can we use a short sale?

A short sale will occur when the home owner has little or no equity in the property. The deal is not viable with the mortgage at it’s current level.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of a short sale are, you can get a significant discount to the market rate. The bank takes on the loss and the owner can get a bit of cash back they otherwise would not have got.


What is a wholesale deal?

A wholesale deal is a standard property purchase with a contract to buy at a discount to the market.

When can we use wholesale deals?

You can use this strategy when there is more than 15% equity left in the property and the banks a not closing in on the distressed owner.

What are the benefits?

You have full control of the deal as there is no third party involvement (banks). It is a normal transaction where there is instant equity for the buyer.

Takeover Deal

What is a takeover deal?

A takeover deal is where you step into the owners shoes under a legal agreement between you and the owner.

When can we use a takeover deal?

You can use this strategy when there is equity in the property. The homeowner would be in arrears with their mortgage payment and you meet the payments in exchange for your name on the title. The owner takes a lump sum of cash in return for their equity and allow you to keep paying the loan for them.

What are the benefits?

There is no capital gains tax or stamp duty with this strategy. You don’t need finance as you are only fixing the loan arrears. This can be achieved in under 24 hours as you just need to fill out the legal forms Dominique provides you with.

Do these strategies work?

If you’ve seen the successful students page on this site and been to any of Dominique’s training you will understand the power of her strategy know that they work. Yes it does take hard work to get in touch with these sellers but they are out there needing your help. Remember if they let arrears on a loan go to the bank they get nothing in return.

The banks do not negotiate. The sellers have legal rights they can exercise but most people are unaware of these rights. Most of the people writing a Dominique Grubisa review online have never seen her speak or been to her course. If you take time to attend her free seminar you will have the first hand knowledge that you can be very successful in property with her strategies.

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