Market Analyst

John Lindeman is a boom town expert. He has developed a algorithm which predicts suburb’s rise and fall in the property cycle. It is one of the most sophisticated approaches to analyzing the property market in Australia.

John uses a lot of historical data and has a simple strategy to accurately suggest where you should buy based on property prices. A lot of the competitor’s have similar strategies in predicting the property cycle but no one in Australia is as accurate as John.

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Who is John Lindeman?


Put simply John is an expert you need to hear speak if you are interested in making money in real estate in Australia.

He has over 40 years experience analyzing the property market and is the leading boom town expert in Australia.

He is the author of ‘Mastering the Australian Housing Market‘. Although this book was published in 2010 it still has valuable information to dominate any suburb with due diligence.

His second book ‘Unlocking the Property Market‘ was also a great success. In this book he talks about the seven keys to property investment success.

He is also a contributor to several top real estate investment websites including where you can read more about what causes the housing market to boom and bust.

What makes John so good?

John has a great reputation as a suburb expert. He has topped the list for the API future boom town predictions two years in a row. There are over 100 ‘experts’ who compete to predict which areas will boom and John is the best of the best.

He is also a contributor to several top real estate investment websites including where you can read more about what causes the housing market to boom and bust.


Most of the experts fail to consider simple historical data which contributes towards suburbs booming. Year after year John delivers the best advice for where to invest.

The property market is every changing and can be hard to predict in recent years. The old ways of property prices doubling every 8 years is over however a lot of real estate educators hold onto this idea.

There are also myths around that you should never sell your property as it will eventually increase in value.

Using John’s strategy he teaches for free at the property investment seminar you can purchase a property on the down cycle before the price goes up then flip it for profit when that suburb booms. This is a much more effective way to make money in property than hoping for capital gains.

What will you learn from John?

When you hear John speak for free at ‘The Ultimate Property Conference‘ you will learn all of his strategies how he accurately predicts property markets.

You get to know all the resources he uses such as the boom town app. This is a very accurate tool which will give you an suburbs score so you can decide if purchasing property there is a good idea.

More specifically you will understand how the property market works and become a lot better at making quick decisions based on his advice. You will have the resources to easily see how a suburb price will play out in the future.

You will know when to buy and when to sell. As prices go up and down timing is crucial to get in and out. It’s a crucial skill to have as a successful property investor.

Finally, you will be able to narrow down your property search quickly as all the suburbs which are not recommended will be off your list.

A lot of amateur investors make these fundamental investing errors. After hearing John you will save a lot of time and money.

In this video John shares the secrets of the housing market which you will learn about at the seminar.