Property Investing Experts

There are many property investment experts in Australia. Listed below are the current educators at ‘The Ultimate Property Conference’.

This seminar has been around for over 10 years and some of the best entrepreneurial minds in Australia will teach you how to make more money using their simple strategies.

Stuart Zadel seminarsStuart Zadel

Stuart is the CEO and mastermind behind Zadel Property Education. He’s has trained 1,000s of Australian’s how to be successful through various investment strategies.

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Stuart has a few different mastermind courses which you have the opportunity to sign up to if you attend one of his experts courses.

These events will truly blow your mind and set you on your path to financial freedom.

Stuart teaches with honesty and integrity and is a genius at creating income.

If you’re looking for a Stuart Zadel review your in the right place. Stuart has dramatically changed my life for the best and he can change yours too. He is responsible for creating a ‘burning desire’ inside me to become successful. I decided to create a review page for you to learn about Stuart before attending his property development seminar.

Dominique GrubisaDominique Grubisa

Dominique’s strategy is a game changer for property investors. He strategy to get under market value property through contacting distressed sellers is an ideal way to make large amounts of money when you purchase their property.

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She creates a win/win situation for the buyer and seller as the banks are usually closing in and they won’t have any sympathy for someone in debt.

You can help people out while making a tidy profit.

John Lindeman


John is a property market analyst you need to hear speak. He has over 40 years experience investing in property and is a regular contributor to many popular real estate websites.

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John gives away all his strategies and techniques to quickly analyze any suburb to accurately predict how that area will react in the next few years.

He has written two very popular books on due diligence and how to understand property cycles.