Hi, I’m Mark and thanks for checking out bestpropertydevelopmentcourses.com.au.

I created this site to share my experience at Stuart Zadel’s ‘Ultimate Property before Stuart's eventEntrepreneurs Seminar’. The decision I made to attend Stuart’s free seminar made dramatic changes to my financial situation and mindset.

Before going to see Stuart and his team speak I had no idea about how successful I could be. It was a very empowering event full of like minded people who are heading in the same direction.

Although I still have my main circle of friends I now know and often talk with very successful, motivated people. Meeting and networking with people I met at Stuart’s event is a major part of my success.

The truth is it doesn’t take a genius to make a lot of money. I was an average student at school and never had anyone pushing me to start my own business or become financially free.

My parents are both teachers and always stressed the importance of getting a good education. Although they were right I don’t believe going to University and getting a ‘job’ is the best way to make the most out of life.

If you put your effort into making money for yourself instead of someone else you can achieve great things.

I talk a lot about the two key factors to success which are ACTION and EDUCATION. You can achieve a lot of great things by taking action on every piece of knowledge and advice you are given. Learning from mistakes is a great way to become an expert in any field.

However with the right education, your actions will have much better results.

These are the main two take away lessons I learned at Stuart’s property seminar. I participated in a few courses Stuart offered in the event and that essentially led to much more accelerated results.

I hope you enjoy the information, success stories and vision I have provided for you on this site. My goal is to get people to go to Stuart’s free seminar and dramatically change their lives for the best.